thumbnail_file-2“Gayle, the rest of your life is a REALLY long f*cking time to be miserable.”  That’s what my mother said to me last summer.


But, as usual, my mother was right and it was time for a change. And in that exact moment, standing in my parents’ kitchen in the house I grew up in, I changed direction.  Although it was a terrifying prospect, I started to make changes.  Some very big changes, and some that were almost minute. 
I welcomed my inner Moon Child.  I decided to be courageous in my pursuit of good.

After only a short time of living a different life, thinking differently, loving differently, speaking differently, working differently, people began to notice.  People began to ask what I was doing differently.  “You seem so calm.  You seem so at peace.  You seem so comfortable with yourself.”

As I had these conversations I quickly saw that all of my friends (and I do mean ALL of them) were on the same journey and walking in the same direction as me, we were just in different places on the path. If we’re all trying to accomplish the same thing, trying to reach the same destination, we need to travel together.  We need to walk together to look out for each other and show each other the way.

I am still Gayle Elizabeth.  I still talk too much, burst into explosive laughter, cry easily, get impatient, am over sensitive (what the hell does that even mean?), and am a perfectionist.  But I am also committed to every single day living with happiness and honesty and focusing on truth and goodness.  I am aware of my energy, and my intention, and the tremendous amount of help that I can offer this planet and these humans at this time.  I am also aware of the tremendous amount of work that I still need to do on MYSELF.

I want to share this work with all of you.

Stay wild.